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About Us

Hey there!  My name is Miranda, and I'm the owner here at the Bitten Mitten.  This company all started after being a surrogate for my brother and sister in law.  I had twins for them, and the year following, I redirected my postpartum brain to starting this company.  I had NO IDEA it would take off the way it has and I can't even begin to tell you how fun it has been.  After putting my story out there, I've had so many parents reach out and tell me their journey of becoming a family.  Almost every story leaves me crying and amazed at the different ways families are melded together and seeing God work in the midst of all of it, whether in the lowest valley of life or the highest mountain top.  Thank you for letting me be apart of your baby's life, even if in a most insignificant way.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your gift giving...really, I'm a terrible gifter, and you are all making me better. ;)

I also need to do a shout out to my amazing shipping lady, Miss Vicky. (You can call her Vicky...my kids call her that, and so it has just caught on around here).  She does the majority of the retail shipping and is seriously great at it.  She loves seeing all the names that come in, and the choices people make for colors and pairings.  She is often proclaiming "Come look at this order! It looks so nice together..."  I'm talking almost every day...it seriously never gets old for her. :). 

Next shout out is to Miss Laurel.  She is my wholesale manager and makes sure you all have the option of purchasing your items through your local shops and boutiques.  She is definitely a perfect compliment to me, excelling in all the areas I certainly was not gifted with and amazing at what she does!  I'm constantly surprised with how organization comes so naturally to her.  

A day working with these two is seriously great.  If your items heading out the door had ears, they'd certainly be sharing with you our hearts and lives.  We chat about everything...what we're making for dinner, what our kids are dealing with in school, plans for the future, plans for the weekend, our walk with the Lord, our walk through the grocery store, our walk to the mailbox...its amazing what 3 woman can learn about each other in a cold room in the basement. But we grow together and we cry together and we do a whole lot of laughing together.  

And last but certainly not least, I have a wonderful group of moms who make our teethers.  They are amazing ladies who work from home while they take care of their kids or grandkids, blessing us with their time and talent.